mmoorree daily

mmoorree daily is an unani / ayurvedic formulation of time tested herbs to make you energetic, help your repair your body, provide vital nutrients, sleep better, regulate your digestive system, help with have better sex, help with the flow of blood in every organ of your body.

Do you wake up tired in the morning?

Do you have lower back ache?

Do you feel tired in all the time?

The idea behind the development of mmoorree daily is let you perform every action better. If you want to run, it should help you run better, if you want to sleep it should help you sleep better, if you have read focus better, if you have sex make your erection better, it is a nervine tonic which will help with the flow of blood in all the organs of your body.

mmoorree daily is a combination of 21 herbs some of which is saffron, ashwagandha, satavar, gul e banafsha, etc.

mmoorree daily user tests in the age group of 37 and 52years, all males, 75% chain smokers, dosage 5grams per day for the first 5days followed by 10grams per day for 10days-

25% user felt overall energy but couldn’t define the exact improvement. Just overfall feeling of energy.

25% user felt improvement in lower back ache, they didn’t feel tiredness waking up and felt overall energetic.

25% users said they felt good, energetic and saw improvement with sleep and felt having stronger erection.

25% users for the first 8days didn’t feel anything and it was the same time that they had relatives falling sick and other kind of stress. After that they felt they were able to have very good sleep and felt having stronger erections.

The formulation is not suitable for people with kidney transplant.