Weight loss – How to lose weight?

Avoid raw sugar Eat high fat diet Reduce carbs consumption Replace wheat and rice with millet (bajri) and sorghum (jawari) Keep at least 6 hours gap between meals Try intermittent fasting Eat/ do things that increases your metabolism

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

Define premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction Survey/ number of mem who are affected by this conditon world wide Current/ available solution for this problem Practical solutions to premature ejaculation Practical solutions for erectile dysfunction Does kegel / edging really work? Root causes for premature ejaculation Root causes for erectile dysfunction Cure according to Ayurveda /… Continue reading Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

How to make chocolate in India? Recipes for making chocolates

Chocolates, new found interest. I am learning to make chocolates and will be updating this post from time to time. I tried making the following recipes- Dark chocolate with jaggery (list of ingredients and its proportion)- Cocoa powder Ghee Jaggery powder Milk chocolate with cocoa powder and icing sugar (list of ingredients and its proportion)-… Continue reading How to make chocolate in India? Recipes for making chocolates

mmoorree daily

mmoorree daily is an unani / ayurvedic formulation of time tested herbs to make you energetic, help your repair your body, provide vital nutrients, sleep better, regulate your digestive system, help with have better sex, help with the flow of blood in every organ of your body. Do you wake up tired in the morning? Do… Continue reading mmoorree daily

The idea of mmoorree.com

mmoorree.com is my idea for the world where everyone wants extra. everyone wants more. I want to develop ideas/ business/ products that offers more to consumers. My new found interest in is unani / ayurvedic medicine. A lot of the work (formulations) has already been done and is written in classical texts. Herbal extractions. I… Continue reading The idea of mmoorree.com