Re-starting my life at 37

I moved to a place south of Mumbai, a small town with fewer population than a pin code in Mumbai. The entire Taluka doesn’t have the same number of people, Bombay has in a pin code.

The move wasn’t planned, my family made a substantial sum of real estate investment in this place and I had to come here to help with paper work, land survey and streamlining things. It was the republic day of 2020. The transition was heavy but not shocking as I have experienced rural life earlier for a year in a hill station.

When I say it wasn’t planned I mean I never imagined living here with family. The things I had back in Bombay is still there but I am kind of disenfranchised from it.

The life here is peaceful, so peaceful that the fuel stations close for afternoon naps. I have never slept during the day unless extremely sick but here sometimes I feel drowsy in the noon. As the population is lesser I don’t have much economic scope. I am trying my hands at anything that comes along my way, be it supplying hardware, welding supplies to trading in herbs, studying science, making soaps and chocolates and so on.

Growing up in Mumbai and getting my Business Management degree I didn’t imagine living this life but here I am trying to find optimism in everything. I lost some weight by eating healthy, improved my metabolic health, cut down on outside food, etc. Now, most of my time goes in looking for sustainable venture and learning new things.

I have a request for you, next time when you see your friend/ family start a business support them. When a new shops open up in your neighborhood buy from them, give preference to local store and support new business. The other day I read an article about AMUL’s foray in chocolate making and how it transformed dairy in India. No doubts about the achievement/ prosperity AMUL brought to the country and being a cooperative to it’s members but I would love to see a 1000s successful dairy businesses than ONE successful behemoth.

When you buy something from Amazon, Flipkart and the likes you aren’t helping small businesses, you are helping these Goliath’s who are becoming fatter and richer. On an average these marketplaces take a commission of 10-20% on the product sold and on top of that when a product becomes successful they launch it in their own label and give it preference while listing. Check Amazon’s Solimo.

Buy from small/ traders/ manufacturer’s website/shop. I recently bought a 20inch Tawa. On Amazon it was ₹5600/- odd and since I bought it directly from the manufacturer I got it at ₹4600/- plus the human connection.

If you see something that I am not doing correctly, please point it out. If you feel theirs an opportunity for me somewhere please point me to direction, if you can help by referring a client please do that. Whatever your needs I will try my best to fulfill it by passing on the retaining profit to you by being transparent.

You can reach me on WhatsApp.

Last but not the least I did listen to this song by Emiway Bantai, I don’t connect to all of it especially the music part but some lyrics goes straight to my heart.