Handmade soap for WhatsApp reselling


I make handmade soap using essential soap ingredients with glycerine and 31 herbs. The soaps are semi transparent, round, made in 3 inch PVC Pipe in a small house in the coastal belt, some 150kms south of Mumbai. The soaps come in a pack of 3.

1 pack contains 3 soaps of approx 100grams each. So the total weight of the soap in a box is usually over 300grams. Each soap is packed in a sealed air tight transparent plastic pouch. The pack is made with 300GSM board and is “9x”3x”1.25 inches.

If we reach agreeable terms I can white label the soap for you to sell to your contacts in your own brand name. You have to take the order, transfer us the money and we dispatch it to your client via Registered Parcel service of IndiaPost. The shipment should cost around ₹36/-for 1 pack across India and parcel is track able through IndiaPost website.

For any more clarity on it please WhatsApp.


The herbs I have added in the soap are- Saffron, Pure rose essential oil, Arq-e-Gulab, Mujait, Kaifal, Tez, Chandhila, Balchad, Nagermaut, Laung, Dal chini, Javitri, Maida ladies, Amba haldi, Dar haldi, Oudh garki, Akarkara, Quist talq, Tezpatta, Ghunchi safed, Shadaab pipal, Sadal safed, Sadal surkh, Jad soshan, Iaichi, Suranjan siri, Nar kachu, Ratan jyot, Groundnut oil, Coconut oil and Olive oil.