Shipping Policy

We ship our products through-

  1. IndiaPost Registered Parcel Service. To calculate freight click here. (Solid items only. IndiaPost does not accept liquid items.)
  2. Shri Maruti Courier. We get flat rates for Mumbai and Navi Mumbai which is ₹50/- per kg. Rest of India where they have service it is ₹100/- per KG. They accept both liquid and solid items.

Most items on our website is in 1KG packaging but that is 1KG net weight. Packaging like the plastic lining is 20-30grams, corrugated box on top of it is 250grams for small items (upto 1KG) and 350grams for large item (upto 3KG) and keeps increasing as per weight.

If you buy in bulk from us we can ship through transport. From our place to transport office will be free for most items and your goods will be booked on to-pay basis. Bulk shipment (20KG and above) for Navi Mumbai and Mumbai is FREE.

Most items will be shipped within 15days.