Buy Real 70% Dark Chocolate Online 1KG (1000grams) with REAL cocoa nibs, cocoa butter and jaggery


Cost inclusive of GST+Packing+Shipping anywhere in India using Registered Post by IndiaPost.

* Cocoa beans are fermented, roasted, winnowed, cracked in Kerala to obtain fine cocoa nibs that I ship to you.
* Cocoa butter is sourced from Kerala and is obtained using hydraulic press of cocoa mass.
* Jaggery is obtained from Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. These jaggery powder stay separate on its own.

Using the above formulation you will be able to make REAL chocolate for yourself, family, friend and clients. 70% cocoa is appropriate for regular consumers of REAL chocolate. Due to higher percentage of cocoa content you will be able to benefit from this SUPER FOOD.