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Boric Acid Pharma Grade.

Purity and Quality: Our boric acid powder is sourced from the finest raw materials, ensuring its utmost purity and quality. It’s a reliable choice for diverse applications.

Multipurpose Benefits: Whether for household cleaning, pest control, personal care, or crafts, our boric acid powder offers a multipurpose solution. It’s a must-have item that serves a multitude of purposes.

Effective Pest Control: Use our boric acid powder to tackle unwanted pests in your home. Its potent properties help eliminate insects while being safe for your family and pets when used responsibly. Household

Cleaning: Keep your home sparkling clean with the power of boric acid. Its gentle yet effective cleaning abilities make it an ideal choice for maintaining a pristine environment. Crafts and DIY Projects: Incorporate boric acid powder into your creative projects, from slime-making to creating unique crafts. Its versatility knows no bounds. Health and

Personal Care: Discover the potential of boric acid in personal care routines. Our pure boric acid powder can be used in foot soaks, eye washes, and more with proper guidance. Easy to Use: Our finely milled powder ensures seamless mixing and application. It’s user-friendly and designed to integrate smoothly into your chosen application. Resealable

Packaging: Our boric acid powder comes in a secure, resealable package that preserves freshness and prevents clumping. Elevate your experience with the remarkable benefits of our pure boric acid powder.

It’s an essential addition to any household, offering an array of applications that Boric acid powder is used for making eye wash, veterinary medicine, shampoo, skin cream, ointments, mouth wash, foot powder, etc Boric acid powder is used for getting rid of termites, cockroach and is also carrom board powder (for smoothening).

Boric acid powder is used for preserving food grains, like rice, wheats, legumes, daal etc Boric acid powder is used for smoothening carrom board, etc